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White Moon Immigration, based in Surrey, British Columbia, is a leading immigration consulting firm. We hold a reputable standing as members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). With a wealth of experience in the Canadian immigration consulting industry, we adeptly address intricate issues with a straightforward approach, providing customized solutions for each client.

Visa Categories

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Express Entry

The Express Entry system is Canada's online government platform designed to facilitate the immigration process efficiently. Discover how White Moon Immigration can guide you through this dynamic system for a seamless entry into Canada.

PNP - Provincial Nominee Program

Navigate the diverse Provincial Nominee Programs across Canada with White Moon Immigration. Most provinces have agreements with the Government of Canada, and our experts are here to ensure you make the most of these opportunities.

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Understand the nuances of Canadian citizenship through the Citizenship Act with White Moon Immigration. Learn about eligibility criteria and the pathways to becoming a Canadian citizen, especially if you were born in Canada.

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Startup Visa

Unlock the potential of Canada’s Start-up Visa Program with White Moon Immigration. Our services cater to immigrant entrepreneurs with the skills and ambition to establish successful businesses in Canada.


LMIA - Labour Market Impact Assessment

Navigate the complexities of hiring foreign workers with the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). White Moon Immigration assists Canadian employers in obtaining this essential document for workforce planning.

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Visitor Visa

For a smooth entry into Canada, trust White Moon Immigration to guide you through the Visitor Visa process. Understand the various factors influencing Temporary Resident Visas (TRVs) and ensure a hassle-free visit to the country.

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Super Visa

Discover the requirements for the Super Visa, designed for parents and grandparents. White Moon Immigration ensures that applicants meet the criteria, including obtaining medical insurance from a Canadian provider.

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Work Permit

Explore opportunities for obtaining a Work Permit in Canada with White Moon Immigration. Our services cover the intricacies of the application process, empowering you to work legally in the country.

Client Feedbacks

Best Reviews From Our Clients

Discover the stories of success and satisfaction as shared by our valued clients at White Moon Immigration. Our Reviews page is a testament to the positive experiences and seamless journeys that individuals and families have undergone with our expert guidance. From visa success stories to heartfelt testimonials about our personalized services, delve into the authentic accounts of those who have entrusted us with their immigration aspirations.

Manpreet Mann
Manpreet Mann
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Thanks to White Moon Immigration, especially MATIL sir, for his excellent support in applying and getting my father and brother's visitor visa approved is highly appreciated. I really appreciate his work ethics and the guidance he has provided me. Well deserved 5 star!
Jassi Sidhu
Jassi Sidhu
Read More
First of all , I want to share with you all today is my happiest day . I got my 2 years work permit as Food counter helper -Alberta with the help of White Moon Immigration these guys are very professional. They guide me everything and respond quickly our the call and messages. Must visit them once. Thank you.
Narinder Singh
Narinder Singh
Read More
Awesome and satisfied results got every time we went to the white moon immigration. Me and my wife, we both got the work permit through white moon immigration. The assistance has been invaluable, and I am thoroughly pleased with the quality of service you have provided. I strongly recommend White moon immigration for any immigration services. Thank you once again.
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