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White Moon Group

The White Moon Group comprises two distinct entities: White Moon Immigration Ltd., established in 2021, and White Moon Consulting, which received official registration in 2023. Both entities are authorized to engage in immigration and recruitment activities across Canada and internationally.

Our expertise lies in connecting Canadian employers with skilled and experienced professionals from around the globe and within the local talent pool. Specializing in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and Labor Market Exempt Programs, we cater to the needs of employers and adept workers like yourself.

Based in the Surrey, British Columbia, we extend our services to other major cities of British Columbia and other provinces in Canada. Our team of Talent Acquisition professionals and consultants possesses an in-depth understanding of the Canadian labor market, ensuring optimal placements for both employers and skilled workers.

At White Moon Group, we uphold a standard of excellence marked by professionalism, exceptional skills, and genuine care. Our mission is to foster collaboration with corporate partners and foreign nationals seeking employment in Canada, guided by mutual respect and understanding. Committed to delivering outstanding services consistently, our business ethics and integrity remain unparalleled, evident in our daily interactions with our diverse clientele.

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